Matthijs – Sat Nam


As an ocean lover I started a movement in the Netherlands called “Doe mee, verlos de zee!” (join me to free the sea!) to inspire and mobilize people to pick up plastic waste washed ashore.
Why contribute to more plastic waste? Instead of a plastic CD I’ve decided to share this music digitally only! 🙂



Matthijs – voice, guitar, viola and xylophone
Lena-Maria Scheiterbauer (Bani Prem Kaur) – voice (track 1 and 4)
Claudia Wiedemer (Amritjeet Kaur) – voice (track 2, 3 and 5)
Arne Paul Neumann – bass guitar
Kieran McMahon – guitar solo track 2

All music composed by Matthijs Lievaart
Analog recording by Kieran McMahon
Analog mix by Kieran McMahon and Arne Paul Neumann
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren
Photography by Maarten van der Wal

Special thanks to Vincent Twigt, Amrit Sadhana Singh, Jasper Kok (Guru Gian Singh), Anouk van Pel, Melinda Om and Yogi Bhajan